Karabel's Zodiak of Galax-cat
Ivy Cat Linebacker  of Karabel
GC Ivy Cat Ouarterback
GC.GP Sunstream Peyton  Manning
CH Ivy Cat Harvest  -Of- Love
CH  Ivy Cat Midnight  Kiss
GC Carismatic's Midnight Dream
CH Ivy Cat Willow
GC Karabel's Farework
GC.BW.NW Devanchire's What Dreams May Come

CH Devanchire's Gee Willie Willikers
Miettecats Mona Lisa of Kaydekatz
GC.NW.Karabel's Heavenly Bliss DM  
GC Karabel's Jack Flash
GC Karabel's Ilusion
Galax-cat Rose
Karabel's Toblerone
of Galax-cat
CH Loralyn's Dream Maker of Karabel 
GC Loralyn's Dream Lover of Fullmoon 
CH, PR Loralyn's Sassy Salsa
CH Karabel's Surprise Party 
GC Karabel's Inkling
CH Karabel's Sheeza Babe
CH Purrpal's Snickerdoodle of
GC Laureden Cookie Cutter of Purrpals
GC Compri  Augustine  of Laureden
GC, RW Laureden Strike a Rose of Artemis
CH Purrpals Hannah Montana 
Purrpals Rip Van Winkle
CH Laureden Ya-Ya Sister of Purrpals
Galax-cat King Arthur
Cream-Point LH Exotic Male 
Birthdate: March 22, 2015
CFA reg# 7598-02072205
PKD DNA Negative
Breeder: Ella Sinai    
Owner: Ella Sinai