CH Sandypaws Blueprint of Brontti
blue lynx point  
GC, RW Grovewood's Route 66 of Sandypaws Seal lynx point 
GC Grovewood's Sunset Strip
Flame Lynx Point
GC,BW,NW Grovewood's Mr. Interstate Seal Lynx 
Laureden Alice of Shahanee tortie lynx point
GC, RW Sandypaws Evangeline of Grovewood
Sandypaws Solar Eyes Seal lynx point
GC Sandypaws Maybelline Seal lynx point
CH Sandypaws Bahama  Breeze Seal point  
CH Sandypaws Solar Express seal lynx point  
Sandypaws Solar Eyes Seal lynx point
CH Sandypaws Emma Line
Laureden Doris of Colbetz tortie point 
GC Catsafrats Upstart of Fur De LVS Black 
CH Sandypaws Lauren Tortie Point
CH Spellbound Hope of Brontti
Blue-eyed white  

CH Tanglebox's Sugar Rush of Inthewind Blue-eyed white 
GC Tanglebox's Dream Quest blue-eyed white
Tanglebox's Dream A Lil'Dream Blue-eyed white   
Tanglebox's Gilden Lily Cream Point
CH Tanglebox's Imagine That! of Mistiff seal point 
GC Inthewind Dickens of Topknot Seal Point 
CH Kattenbach's Wish Come True Tortie Point
CH Spellbound Juicy Couture Black
CH Purrpals Andalusian blue point
GC, NW Jetset Tennessee Walker of Purrpals Blue 
GC, RW Laureden Inspiration of Purrpals Brown Tabb
Spellbound Alicia Keys Black
CH Spellbound Rock Star of Instapurr
Ormeryds Vivian Vanee of Spellbound Black
Brontti Snow Queen of Galax-cat
Blue- Eyed White LH Exotic Female
Birthdate: October 21, 2014
CFA reg# 7599-02046888
PKD DNA Negative
Breeder: K Brown-M Motti-H-Gonano 
Owner: Ella Sinai-K Brown-M Motti