GC Laureden Cookie Cutter of Purrpals Cream Lynx Point
GC Compri  Augustine  of Laureden Cream  
GC Compri Sand In My Shoes of Laureden Blue    
GC Compri Suncoast Flame Lynx Point
Compri Sand In My Paws Blue Lynx Point
CH Compri Hakada Doll
Tortie Lynx Point
Compri All In Line Seal Lynx Point
Compri The Grace Of God Cream Point
GC, RW Laureden Strike a Rose of Artemis Brown Patch McTabby
GC, BW, NW Artemis Stardust Memory 
GC Budmar Moonbeam of Artemis
Artemis Sweetie Pie Red Tabby
GC Laureden Magically Delicious Tortie Lynx Point
GC, NW Grovewood Corbin Copy Seal Lynx 
GC Hims-N-Purrs Beary Special Cream Tabby
CH Purrpals Hannah Montana 

Purrpals Rip Van Winkle Blue Lynx
Sandypaws Coat2Coast of Purrpals Seal Lynx Point
Sandypaws Solar Eyes Seal Lynx Point
Sandypaws Precious Cargo Tortie lynx point
CH Purrpals Victory Dance  Blue Cream Point
GC Purrpals Victory Cream Point
GC Jetset's 1 st Class of Purrpals
CH Laureden Ya-Ya Sister of Purrpals 
Seal Lynx Point
GC, NW Grovewood Corbin Copy Seal Lynx Point
GC, BW, NW Grovewood Mr. Interstate Seal 
CH Sandypaws Nightlines of Grovewood Seal
CH Purrpals Clarity of Laureden  Blue Point
GC, NW Jetset Tennesse Walker Blue Point
CH Plush- Paws Here of Purrpals
CH CFA Purrpal's Snickerdoodle of Galax-cat
Blue- Cream Lynx point Exotic Female
Birthdate: May 16, 2009
CFA reg# 7613-1685542
PKD DNA Negative
Breeder: Christee Prout
Owner: Ella Sinai-Christee Prout